Are you and the people around you are thriving?
How might partnering help people thrive?

You are invited to join the Regional Kingdom Network and explore these questions

The Regional Kingdom Network is a coalition of people and organizations in Waterloo Region committed to building up God’s Kingdom in unity by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sharing the Vision
Spiritual History of the Vision
Necessity of the Vision Pt 1
Necessity of the Vision Pt 2
Jesus Himself Warns Us

What is the Regional Kingdom Network striving to do?

  • Provide Teaching through videos, Sunday evening services, and seminars on Kingdom topics such as: deliverance, spiritual healing of the heart, and unity
  • Train a team of people that can pray with people one-to-one
  • Facilitate Connections to help people walk in freedom and build up the Kingdom of God by maintaining a database of ministries, churches and who’s helping whom with what in Waterloo Region