So how do you get Connected?


Everyone is invited to be a part of the Regional Kingdom Network

  • Join the email list to stay informed and partner with us
  • Attend a seminar or a Sunday Evening Service
  • Take a course at the Bible Training Center
  • Connect with the Prayer team


The Regional Kingdom Network desires to partner with all Churches that prioritize prayer, unity in the Spirit, encourage deliverance and inner healing, divine healing, and emphasize building up the Kingdom through evangelism and discipleship. Churches are a community to build each other up. Churches meet people and get to know them, so they are in a great place to help maximize the Kingdom impact of all the ministries God has raised up across the Region. As God draws more people into His Kingdom, they will be encouraged to join the fellowship of a partner church near them for community, worship, discipleship, and ongoing care.


Regional Kingdom Network Ministry partners refer people to each other for ministry, teaching, mentorship, support, and training. God has already raised up people, programs, and organizations all across the Region that are ministering God’s grace in amazing ways. The Regional Kingdom Network exists to connect people that need support with those people and ministries empowered by the Spirit to provide it. Partnership in the Regional Kingdom Network doesn’t require you to do anything other than the work God has already equipped you to do. If you encounter someone that needs support outside of your equipping, you can refer them to another partner that is equipped to help.

One of the goals of the Regional Kingdom Network is to build a searchable, online database of who’s helping whom, with what. To join the network as a ministry partner, and get added to the database, complete the Ministry Partner Information form to highlight the specific needs you’re equipped to support. Someone from the Regional Kingdom Network leadership team will connect with you to go over the vision, answer your questions and discuss how referrals will work.

Churches can also connect as a Ministry Partner if they have a specific program or ministry that serves a specific ministry need and is open to anyone in the community.