We have been talking about the foundational principles of attributes that we must develop in our hearts to become one body even as Jesus and the Father are one. The Lord has shown me that these foundational principles or attributes work the same way as the foundational attributes for developing Christian character in 2 PETER 1:1-12. In verse 2 Peter prays that God’s grace and peace (which is perfect well being) be multiplied to you in (the full, personal, precise, and correct) knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. Peter goes on to say that through this personal knowledge Jesus has already given us all that we need for life and godliness by His divine power. Also that He has called us to excellence by His own glory and excellence (virtue). In other words it is by His grace, His life in us, and the help of the Holy Spirit that this will be accomplished in our lives. This is also how true spiritual unity will be developed in us as the spiritual body of Christ!

In verse 5-7 Peter tells us how the excellence of character will develop within our hearts and the part that we perform in that process to cooperate with the Holy Spirit so that by His grace we can obtain this moral excellence. After having personal knowledge of how this works in our lives, we must be very diligent to employ every effort in exercising our faith to develop virtue, and every effort in exercising virtue to develop knowledge and so on. All of these attributes will automatically flow out of and be produced from the previous one. They are not added to each other but flow out of each other. Each attribute becomes the foundation of the next one. As I received more knowledge of God and His ways and understood how the two spiritual kingdoms worked in my life, I worked harder on my self control. As I had developed more self control I was able to have more patience and perseverance, etc. The end result was more Christian (sacrificial) love.

The foundational principles of unity work the same way. Out of our faith in Jesus and His lordship in our lives we should be always going through the process in 1 PETER Chapter 1 to develop Christian love, “Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for each other, love one another deeply, from the heart” 1 PETER 1:22. Out of this love we should make every effort to develop relationship and trust. Out of relationship and trust will flow mutual submission with our every effort. Out of mutual submission will flow a common vision for our cities and region. Then out of that common vision will flow kingdom unity, networking and unity of action.

Our hearts will be in a spiritual condition that the Lord can guide and direct us through divine appointments and networking to fulfill His purpose for each of our parts in the big picture that only He sees the details of.

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